Confession time. The previous post was unnecessarily harsh. Don’t know if Dr. David Wonham is still Reading

One thing that struck me in our conversation is I really believe he has benevolent intentions. When I made my case several times about why I thought holding the name was wrong, it was like he wasn’t arguing with me, he simply could not see what I was saying. It was like his good intentions were simply blinding him to how others could see it.

Sorry but I wanted to give him a taste of what is to come. If this post bothered him. Think of what the WIndsor Star and Mayor and council will do if he tries to thwart any plan they endorse. they’re gonna label him public enemy number 1 and like my father used to say, never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel

Just like he anointed himself keeper of Chimczuk donations, I am anointing myself the guy in charge of giving him a wake up call. Others who jump to his defence because hes a good guy aren’t doing him any favours, they’re simply endangering him to future abuse he may face.

Just like his reason for the trademark, better him than someone worse. Well better he hear this from me (whats my readership, like 6?) than someone else with a readership of tens of thousands

I wish you well Dr Wonham,